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Albums That Should Exist. So Many Roads To Ease My Soul. Soundaboard. The dB's Repercussion. Albums That Never Were. Albums I Wish Existed. PLUMDUSTY'S PAGE. What If ...
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Together, we unpack My Bloody Valentine's 1991 opus Loveless. Alex offers insight into how an album that is technically incorrect can still sound wonderful, while Dan makes us believe that soulmates may actually exist! This weeks sponsor: My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (w/ guests Dan Drago and Alex Santilli)
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Facebook Login; AlbumsThat.Work allows you to automatically create Facebook albums. If you so desire, album covers will automatically be added when you tell to create your albums on Facebook.
Sep 25, 2013 · Jubilee Industries (to which Cosnat had changed its name in July, 1966) was what Viewlex had purchased along with Monarch; the Jay-Gee Record Corp. subsidiary was spun off into another entity called The Jubilee Group (with the last Jubilee and Josie releases issued in 1971, and the labels' masters ending up in the hands of Morris Levy's Roulette label by 1972 and issued on a subsidiary, Virgo). Ocasek, who died this Sunday (Sept. 15) at age 75, was the rare frontman who didn't sing on several of his band's best-enduring singles, but still remained the band's unquestioned voice.
When the data binder binds to an instance of the Gadget class it will check to see if there are request parameters with names compressedShape and expandedShape which have a value of "struct" and if they do exist, that will trigger the use of the StructuredShapeEditor. The individual components of the structure need to have parameter names of ... Aug 30, 2019 · The song was composed and performed solely by Elton, featuring only piano and multi-tracked vocals, and the b-side was a conversation between Elton and a number of other British celebrities, including Jimmy Hill and Eric Morecombe. Once the single was pressed the tapes were destroyed, so no other official copies of the recording exist. A recent comment on a Clash post prompted me to investigate Joe Strummer's first band The 101ers, as even thought I'm a massive fan of The Clash, I'd never gone further back to see how Strummer started out, as I'm not really that keen on pub-rock, which I always thought was the 101ers forte.Given that the next three albums have gotten the deluxe edition or even super deluxe edition, either more songs simply don’t exist or the Kinks don’t think they’re good enough to ever release. But 1969 was still a great year, especially since Dave Davies was planning a solo album (called A Hole in the Sock of Dave Davies) that never got ...
Mar 30, 2007 · Grow up people. Fox is a company. Companies exist to make money, not to make you happy (unless making you happy makes them money). That's the reason you have a job, because your employment helps your company earn a profit. What hypocrites you are, too. Nov 06, 2015 · T he Doomsday Machine was never supposed to exist. It was meant to be a thought experiment that went like this: Imagine a device built with the sole purpose of destroying all human life.
Jan 04, 2019 · Now then, it did exist, this was an undeniable fact; and since the human mind dotes on objects of wonder, you can understand the worldwide excitement caused by this unearthly apparition. As for relegating it to the realm of fiction, that charge had to be dropped. Apr 27, 2012 · Incoming students should be forewarned, upon entering college, that certain degrees are useless. Some degrees just don’t pay, and if they do, it has more to do with the individual than the education received. It seems unfair that everyone can’t be whatever they want to be and get away with it, but such is life. No warning exists upfront that some degrees are more likely to leave you (at ...
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